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California Asked To Give Willow Glen Trestle Historic Status

A group of San Jose residents says it recently uncovered a “rich and intriguing background” that warrants declaring the Willow Glen Trestle a historic landmark.

The group, which calls itself Friends of the Willow Glen Trestle, has asked state historians to consider the new information in evaluating the old railroad bridge it wants to save from demolition.

In May, the San Jose City Council voted to raze the relic and replace it with a prefabricated steel bridge that has been sitting in storage. However, that plan has been delayed by numerous legal moves, most recently an appeal of a Superior Court ruling filed by the city. The court sided with Friends of the Trestle, which argued that the bridge’s historic status had not been considered and the city had not prepared an environmental impact report.

Though the report was eventually completed, Judge Joseph Huber did not revoke his June 2014 order banning the city from razing the trestle.

The city attorney’s office had no comment on the case, but District 6 Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio’s stance on the matter remains unchanged. Long-term litigation has delayed improvements for both the Lincoln Glen and Willow Glen Little Leagues, according to Oliverio.

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