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Flood Evacuations Lifted

The Voluntary Evacuation Orders that were put in place along creeks and rivers in San Jose were lifted early this morning, but it is important that members of the community remain informed and prepared as rain storms continue throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Neighbors are encouraged to reach out to each other to see what needs if any they have, including evacuating pets, young children, elderly, etc in the event that they or you are not at home when evacuation orders are issued.

Residents need to continue to:

  • Protect their properties with sandbags

  • Seniors or mobility impaired: Ask family or friends to get you NOWMove valuable items to a higher or secure place

  • Be ready to move your car/s to high ground

  • Pack a bag with important documents, medicines, spare clothes

  • If you have pets, ready a carrier (leash) with food and any medicines they may need

  • Report blocked drains at 408-277-4373

Santa Clara County residents can sign up for emergency alerts via AlertSCC at:

San Jose has storm updates available on their website at:

Sand bags are available from Valley Water, for more information visit:


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