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Keeping our City Safe, Clean, and Thriving

Hello Neighbor, It is critically important to me that every San Jose resident has a safe commute and a safe home. As you may have noticed, there was an abandoned encampment at the Meridian off-ramp. The homeless camps at this location were a danger to both the unhoused residents living there and commuters. Unhoused residents were in very close proximity to the Southwest Expressway, raising cause for concern for both their safety and a driver's safety. Last week, CalTrans and social workers were deployed in the area to offer social services to the unhoused individuals and to clean up any trash and debris.

This cleanup is a start in the process of doing more to tackle the issues of homelessness in our city. I will continue to work with CalTrans and the City to focus efforts on cleanups and abatements so that San Jose can be a place for everyresident to feel safe and thrive. Best,



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