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Prevent Auto Break-ins

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Prevent Auto Break-ins and Thefts. Property crimes can be easy to prevent. Please follow these tips to stop your vehicle from becoming a target of a break-in or theft.

  1. Every time you leave your car always roll up the windows, lock the doors, and arm the alarm.

  2. When at home park your car in your garage if possible.

  3. Do not leave anything visible in your vehicle! Take everything out of the car or lock it in the trunk before you park. Do not leave a garage door opener or any personal documents in the vehicle.

  4. Keep cell phone charging cords and any other electronic accessories out of sight.

  5. Burglars are able to detect the Bluetooth signal of electronic devices left in the car. Put all devices in “airplane” mode and turn them off, but it’s better to just remove them from the car altogether.

  6. Even an empty shopping bag or backpack can tempt a thief. Remove luggage, backpacks, purses, diaper bags, cell phones, chargers, sunglasses, wallets, briefcases, mail, documents, Fastrak devices, iPads, tablets, laptop computers, groceries, and even old clothes from your car.

  7. If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood please call 311, or 408-277-8900 from a cell phone.

  8. For more information on crime prevention tips and strategies, please call the SJPD Crime Prevention Unit at 408-277-4133. We can help you and your neighbors keep your neighborhood safe and set up a Neighborhood Watch meeting


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