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Santa Clara County Issues Tough, New Covid-19 Rules Including Quarantines For Some

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Santa Clara County released new COVID-19 restrictions in light of its rising caseload Saturday, including a temporary ban on all high school, collegiate and professional contact sports, a mandatory quarantine for those traveling into the region from more than 150 miles away and new capacity limits for indoor businesses.

Santa Clara County’s new restrictions will include a 14-day quarantine for all those traveling to the county from more than 150 miles away, as well as a temporary ban on sporting activities involving contact with other people including professional sports. Cardrooms must temporarily close, while hotels and other facilities must be open only for essential travel or to facilitate isolation or quarantine.

Retail stores and malls must reduce their capacity limits to 10%, just as holiday shopping begins in earnest. Grocery stores, drug stores and pharmacies may operate at 25% capacity. Health care workers traveling into the county to provide care — or patients — will be exempt from quarantine.

All facilities open to the public must establish a “metering system” to ensure that the applicable capacity limits are not exceed by, for example, posting an employee at the facility entrance to track the number of people entering and exiting.

We all need to do our part to slow the spread of COVID -19; to report concerns and/or violations visit:

The new directives will go into effect on Monday at 12:01 a.m. and last until at least Dec. 21, a time period of three weeks, though they may be extended again.

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