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Spirit Night Returns to Buena Vista!

Spirit Night is here again and the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association will host a house in the neighborhood where we will be distributing glow necklaces and candy as well as taking instant photos of our costumed families as they haunt the hood in search of sugary sweets.

The location for this this year's event will be at 322 Mayellen Avenue near West San Carlos hosted by BVNA members Brain and Pepe.

Start time will be 6:30 PM and have a dead end at 8:30 PM

Candy Donation: we could use a few bags of candy if you have some to donate. Please leave candy donations at our event house on the porch behind the wall before October 31. Leave us a note with your email or home address so we can thank you. Remember: monsters are only dangerous when they don't get their candy.

This event started over 20 years ago by Jordan Dancer who often still hosts with her son Tull. This is a long standing BVNA tradition and it is great to see children who attended Spirit Night years ago now returning with their own children. This is also an opportunity to meet some of the members of the BVNA and talk to them about what is happening in the neighborhood. I'll be the one dressed as a pirate ... again.


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