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State Puts Willow Glen Trestle In Its Historic Register

The case for preserving the nearly century-old Willow Glen Trestle in San Jose got a big boost last week when the state Historic Resources Commission voted to place the wooden railroad bridge on the California Register of Historical Resources.

The commission’s May 10 vote in Pasadena followed a hearing where a group called Friends of the Willow Glen Trestle, the city’s historic preservation officer, a certified city-commissioned historian and former District 6 councilman Pierluigi Oliverio all presented arguments either for and against listing the trestle on the historic register.

Members of the Friends group, which has been fighting to preserve the trestle, thanked neighbors in a statement for sending letters to the commission in support of saving what they called “an important link to the families that farmed and had orchards here.”

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