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Stream Maintenance Program – Valley Water

As part of its Stream Maintenance Program (SMP), Valley Water will soon perform work along creeks across Santa Clara County. Under the SMP, work occurs annually from mid-June through mid-October to improve the environment, reduce the risk of flooding and keep our communities safe. Each year, portions of these streams are inspected and prioritized for maintenance projects. In total, Valley Water owns and manages about 275 miles of stream out of the total 800 miles countywide.

For decades, our crews have been trekking into streams to remove sediment build-up, manage vegetation, clear trash and debris, and stabilize banks that have eroded during high water flows. The SMP ensures streams with completed flood protection projects continue to function as designed to protect homes and businesses and reduce the threat of flooding.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Valley Water conducts essential work, including SMP work, while adhering to all public health recommendations. While observing these practices may prolong project timelines, Valley Water remains committed to this important work.

Work on SMP projects typically occurs Monday through Friday, but Saturday work may be necessary to complete some projects. Work hours are set by local city ordinances, starting between 7 a.m. and generally ending by 5 p.m. Any work occurring before 8 a.m. will be limited to preparation activities with minimal noise impact.

You may have recently received our annual notice in the mail that details the SMP program, the nature of the work planned, work hours, and project locations. To view the annual notification and learn more about the program, please visit

The SMP is funded in part by the Safe, Clean and Natural Flood Protection Program (Safe, Clean Water Program), which is a countywide special parcel tax overwhelmingly approved by the voters of Santa Clara County in November 2012. Detailed information about the Safe, Clean Water Program, including project and program descriptions, finances, implementation plans, and provisions for external oversight can be found at:


Barbara F. Keegan

Director, District 2

Santa Clara Valley Water District


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