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SV Affordable Hosing

Join friends and neighbors on Wednesday, September 25 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Housing Affordability in Silicon Valley candidate forum featuring candidates for San Jose City Council District 6 and CA State Senate District 15. The forum will be held at San Jose City College’s T415 - Auditorium Technology Conference Room. Space is limited. Registration is required to attend and participate. You may register online at Questions or for more information, please contact Mario B. Lopez at

Voters throughout the Bay Area have consistently ranked the cost of housing as a top concern. Over 8 in 10 believe the cost of housing is an extremely serious problem in what some have called a “crisis.”

In Silicon Valley, one would need an hourly wage of $54 for a two-bedroom apartment yet the mean hourly wage is about $38. Consequently, more and more residents find themselves priced out of the neighborhoods they have come to call home.

Simultaneously, the Bay Area has experienced a significant jobs-to-housing imbalance. Since 2010, the Bay Area has added 722,000 jobs but constructed only about 106,000 housing units. This subsequently has meant residents are traveling outside of the Bay Area for work contributing to traffic congestion.

In order to address the housing affordability crisis in Silicon Valley, and across the Bay Area, bold leadership is required. As such, SV@Home’s Action Fund in partnership with Tech Equity Collaborative, CA YIMBY, and Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits will host a series of nonpartisan candidate forums featuring candidates for San Jose City Council, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, and California State Senate and Assembly districts. The forum is also co-hosted by the Housing Trust of Silicon Valley and the Shasta/Hanchett Park Neighborhood Association.

The intent is to provide the space and opportunity to inform voters about the challenges confronting the Production, Preservation and Protection of housing affordability locally, regionally, and across the state. It will also be an opportunity for candidates for city council, Board of Supervisors and state Senate and Assembly to share their vision and goals for making a Silicon Valley a home for all - and for voters to make a candidate choice before casting their vote.


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