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The Hub, A Cornerstone For Santa Clara County Foster Youth, Getting New Digs

New digs on Parkmoor Avenue will give the youth the opportunity to say what kind of amenities they want in a new, improved place to call home...

The new center, purchased for $6 million earlier this month, will be part of a 22,000-square-foot, four building complex at the intersection of Parkmoor and Meridian avenues. In addition to more recreation and hangout space for kids, the campus will have classrooms and office space for the support staff for all aspects of The Hub as well as the county’s Independent Living Program.

It’s better suited than the current location on N. King Road both for freeway access and public transit routes. The triangular 1.6 acre parcel includes about 80 parking spaces. Currently 8,400 square feet is empty, with another 4,000 square feet expected to be vacated by mid-2018. Officials don’t expect to have all King Road components transferred to the new center until 2019 although some services could be phased over before then.

Saldivar said the kids want a place that looks less like a government center and more like a home and while the new place is a late 1970s office park, it’s got more potential for that than the current leased space.

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