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This South Bay Food Truck Serves the Bay Area’s Best Oaxacan Food

When taquero Javier Cruz opened his Oaxacan food trailer in 2017 in San Jose’s Buena Vista neighborhood, he had a plan: leverage the fame of popular Oaxacan foods from the Valles Centrales and the South Bay’s appetite for trendy Mexican bites like quesabirria to introduce regional barbacoa from the Indigenous Mixteco culture of Oaxaca.

Cruz got a jump-start thanks to a video plug from loyal customer and South Bay DJ Ricardo “El Pollo” Barragan (Radio Lazer): Barragan’s Facebook page — where he plays pitchman for used car dealerships and foreclosed home sellers — shows him digging into Cruz’s epazote scented entomatadas (rolled corn tortillas covered with tomato sauce) and enfrijoladas (rolled corn tortillas covered with black bean sauce) well-herbed with avocado leaves. Five years later, Cruz operates a Mi Rinconsito Oaxaqueño food truck in San Jose, and a trailer in Sunnyvale, offering some of the best Oaxacan cuisine in the greater Bay Area.


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