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UNSCC Spring Mixer

United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County (UNSCC) is a coalition of neighborhood associations and homeowner's associations in Santa Clara County who have come together for the purposes of education, communication and common action. United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County is a nonprofit (501c3) corporation, and it provides insurance and other benefits to member neighborhoods.

At this years Spring Mixer, speakers, presentations, and panelists will discuss new topics and explore them in more depth than ever before. There are many challenges facing our neighborhoods and communities and this is our opportunity to empower you!. Topics will focus on improving the effectiveness of the Neighborhood Commission, District Leader Groups, and our Neighborhood Association in two areas. The first will focus on using best practices, including training to assist our Community leaders. The second will focus on how to grow your organization, by finding more volunteers. The third will be assistance on where to find quality speakers or consultants with existing knowledge about important issues and projects. Through this mixer, our Neighborhood Leaders will be better prepared to develop workable solutions to solve the various problem confronting our neighborhoods and communities.

This event is open to all and will be held:

Saturday March 17, 2018

Camden Community Center

3369 Union Ave

San Jose, CA 95124

9am to 12 Noon

For additional information visit:


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