Originally opened in 2002, Buena Vista Park is a small pocket park located between Mayellen and Menker Ave along the length of Scott St., in the heart of Buena Vista.  A home on the northwest corner of Menker and Scott was purchased by the City of San Jose, the small house on the lot was removed, and the lot was transformed into a park.


The park is only about 0.4 acres in size. It has one playground, a few picnic tables, shaded benches, a small grass area, a trike track, water fountain, and a Little Free Library. The whole area is surrounded by an iron fence.  It is open from sunrise to sunset, and while leashed dogs are permitted, owners are responsible for curbing their animals.


The park originally opened in 2002, and was doubled in size in 2013 with the help of the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association after the neighboring lot went on the market allowing for the park to expand.



Buena Vista Park 2017
Buena Vista Park 2013 Expansion
Buena Vista Parks Grand Opening 2002

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