The San Jose City Council has approved numerous specific plans for key locations in San José to foster transit-oriented development, historic preservation, mixed uses, sensitivity to surrounding neighborhoods, and other strategic goals. Each specific plan explains the vision for future land use development in the plan area with a detailed land use plan, design guidelines, and implementation strategy.


Buena Vista falls under the Midtown Specific Plan which calls for a new mixed-use community that includes high-density commercial and residential uses oriented towards transit, while maintaining some of the industrial and service commercial uses. Details of the plans are available here:

To the west of Buena Vista sits the largest unincorporated county pocket, Burbank which is bordered on its western side by Basom Ave.  Basom itself has largely been incorporated into the City of San Jose and as the South Bascom North Urban Village Plan is implemented, it is expected to continue to trigger additional annexations into the city.  Furthermore, simply because the West San Carlos and South Basom North Urban Village Plans practically abut, for many intents and purposes these two distinct Urban Villages are being treated as one.  Details of the South Bascom North Urban Village Plan is available here:

Buena Vista also falls under the City of San Jose's Burbank/Del Monte Strong Neighborhoods Initiative, a program that looked at sections of San Jose and examined what the City needs to do to continue positive growth.  Among other things, the report found that " The Burbank/Del Monte area can become a much more enjoyable place to live with some beautification projects. Many parts of the neighborhood could benefit from landscaping and streetscape enhancements."  Furthermore, they note that "Burbank/Del Monte residents want to strengthen family-friendly, neighborhood-serving commercial services. However, some commercial uses along W. San Carlos Street and Bascom Avenue, such as the used car lots and adult businesses, are inconsistent with that vision."

A copy of the SNI report is available here:

The Buena Vista Neighborhood Association actively supports balanced, smart redevelopment, that positively impacts the neighborhood, parks, schools, and families while not putting an undue strain on transit, parking, economically unfortunate families, and the community.  


Below is an interactive map of the current redevelopment projects in the Buena Vista area. 

Below is a list of redevelopment projects submitted to the planning and building commission inside the Buena Vista Neighborhood. 

Buena Vista Specific Redevelopment


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