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San Jose is made up of a number of different neighborhood associations, all working to pinpoint and address specific problems throughout the City.  Many times problems, like crime, blight, and traffic, impacting one neighborhood also impact others.  Through groups like the United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County, BVNA works closely with other community leaders and groups to address problems.


To the west of Buena Vista lies Burbank, a the largest remaining unincorporated county pocket in San Jose. 

Shasta/Hanchett Park

The Shasta Hanchett Park neighborhood in San José, California is located just west of the downtown area, just north of Buena Vista.  The neighborhood includes four areas: Shasta Hanchett Park, Garden Alameda, St. Leo’s, and Cahill Park.

Sherman Oaks

Just south of Buena Vista lies Sherman Oaks, a group dedicated to moving their community in a positive direction.

Sunol Midtown

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Willow Glen

Just south of Buena Vista lies Willow Glen, a grassroots community organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the neighborhood.

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