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Call to Action Campaign Generator

The Call To Action Creator is a simple way to engage the community and invoke public comment and participation in regards to a particular issue or event.  Creating a campaign allows you to present information to people in a uniform manner and encourage them to take action.  To create an effective campaign you need to clearly and effectively communicate to people:


  • What is happening

  • What it is happening

  • Who is it happening to

  • What the (expected) impact is

  • What they should do to ensure their voice is heard


It's imperative that this is done in a manner which communicates the urgency of the issue in an honest and open manner but does not come off as fear mongering.  While this call to action campaign generator is effective at creating soft-leads (getting people to email representatives etc), the most effective way to effectively campaign is getting actual people to attend meetings.


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Who should users contact?

SJ Mayors Office

SJ Planning Commission

SJ City Council

District 6 Office

Santa Clara County Supervisor D4

California Senate District 15

California Assembly District 28

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