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Neighborhood Garage Sale

Whats better than a garage sale?  How about a neighborhood full of garage sales?  A handful of garage sales all conveniently located near each other is a perfect opportunity to get out of the house and find some treasure.

Come shop the BVNA Multi-Family Garage Sale.  Find toys, sports and fitness equipment, appliances, bikes, scooters, crafts, household goods, electronics, DVD's, books, pictures, jewelry, furniture, outdoor items, tools, power tools, computers, holiday items, dolls, musical instruments, clothes, shoes, vintage items, antiques, and lots more.

A neighborhood garage sale gives neighbors the opportunity to wander the area, make new friends, connect with old friends, and score amazing deals.  Typically, multi-family garage sales are more successful than single family garage sales.  With all the deals in one area, visitors can come, park once, and then shop until their hearts are content.

BVNA takes no responsibility to for any items being sold or exchanged.  All transactions are between the buyer and seller directly and

the BVNA makes no warranties direct or implied about any goods or services.





Feel the need to declutter? Do you have stuff that doesn’t spark joy in your life? Want to make a few extra bucks while doing a good deed for the planet? Don’t toss out your old stuff in the trash, sell it so it can be reused by someone else.  The BVNA neighborhood garage sale is an opportunity for neighbors to clean out their attics and make room for new stuff while finding great deals.

Multiple households means lots of selection for buyers as well as lots of buyers for sellers.  Maybe this will be the day you find the rare limited edition Storm Trooper Pez dispenser and you'll finally be able to complete your collection.  

There will be plenty of treasures to be found and plenty of opportunities to make new friends and reconnect with neighbors!



Saturday July 13

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Times will vary depending on individual locations


The neighborhood-wide garage sale is happening throughout the neighborhood.  Take a peek at the map to find out who's participating so you can plan out your shopping adventure!

Those coming from outside the neighborhood will likely need to park along W San Carlos as street parking on residential streets tends to be limited.

Want to participate and have your house included on the map?  Contact BVNA and we can add you to the map!





Are you interested in participating?  Do you want to join in on the fun and sell some of your old stuff; send an email ) and we can add your household to the map. Got questions? Here are some answers...

  • What does it cost to participate? 

    • Participation is free.   Working together benefits everyone and since there are no permits or other costs associated with the event, we can organize this at no cost to anyone!

  • Where do I sell my stuff?

    • It depends.... typically people set up temporary shop in their garages, hence the name.  If you don't have a garage or don't want to sell things from it, then you can use your lawn or driveway.  If you lived in a shared complex then you will want to talk to your HOA or building manager to see what spaces are suitable for use.​

  • Do I have to register in order to participate? 

    • Nope, not at all; BVNA is simply trying to coordinate the neighborhood garage sale to make it easy for buyers to locate individual houses who will be participating.  Registering your house will allow us to add you to the map so people can see where they can buy things.  There is nothing stopping anyone from simply having a garage sale during this time, in fact the more people who participate the better!

  • How much do I have to sell in order to participate?

    • Theres no minimum!  Whether you have a single DVD of Donny Darko, or a garage full of junk you've been holding on to for the last 5 years, everyone is welcome to buy and sell!​

  • Do I need to get a permit or license from the City?

  • This is my first garage sale; what do I do?

  • What about signs and publicizing the event?

  • Will BVNA be putting up signs?

    • San Jose has very specific rules about signs in the public right of way.  ​As such BVNA will not be posting physical signs and encourages all participants to know the pertinent rules and regulations.  For more information visit: 

  • What should I do with stuff that doesn't sell?

    • There are lots of places you can donate... from Goodwill, to the Salvation Army, or even Savers, there are plenty of charities in the area that can take your stuff off your hands and turn it into services for people in need. 

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