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10 FREE Rides on VTA Bus Line 65 in June

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Ride For All the Right Reasons

As you know, riding public transportation allows you to get out of traffic and get a jump on your day without the stress of traffic and parking. Whether you’re a casual rider or daily commuter, spread the word to co-workers, friends, and family because we know riding transit is more fun together!

Consider the possibilities of what you can do and where you can go when you start your day on VTA.

For more information visit:

Receive 10 FREE Rides by:

  • Visiting our downtown customer service center to obtain a special pre-loaded Clipper card

  • Requesting a Clipper card be mailed to you

  • Downloading VTA's EZfare app and receiving a special promotional code

Visit these awesome destinations:

Luna Park

  • Mesquite & Oak (Brisket, Pulled Pork & Spare Ribs on the menu!)

  • Mariscos Costa Alegre (try the Molcajetes)Chiaramonte's Market (an SJ landmark for sausages and deli sandwiches)

Downtown San Jose

  • Matiki Island Barbecue (Spam Musubi...enough said!)

  • Rookies Sports Lodge (a place for watching Warriors win in 6?!)

  • Poor House Bistro (order the Muffaletta)Willow GlenHapa's Brewery (we like the Seeker of Truth!)

  • Good Karma Bikes (a reminder to walk your bike around VTA property and on light rail station platforms)


  • Princeton Plaza Mall (you got everything there)

  • Jungle Island (fun for kids and adults)

Please use this form to receive your 10 FREE Rides:


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