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1530-1544 West San Carlos Street

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

The City of San Jose planning commission has tentatively scheduled to review plans for a seven-story mixed-use development at 1530 and 1544 West San Carlos Street in San Jose’s West San Carlosneighborhood. The proposal would add 173 new apartments to the Silicon Valley housing market along with communal area and commercial space. Urban Villas LLC is responsible for the development.

Construction will build two 92-foot tall structures across 1.34 acres. Building 1 includes 103 apartments above two levels with 11,390 square feet of commercial area. Building two will contain 70 apartments above two levels with 6,450 square feet of commercial space. Parking for 189 vehicles will be included on-site for residents of both structures. Four residential amenity spaces and open-air terraces spanning a total of 9,410 square feet will be included, with two spaces in each structure.


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