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Agenda 3.27.2018

Round robin introductions if we have any guests or first-time attendees

  1. City/County Updates(needs to be done by 7:45)

  2. Department of Traffic Issues

  3. Parking by the Jack in the Box

  4. Sideswipe of cars on Menker

  5. General laundry list to submit to Philip & DOT

  6. Report on Events Robert/John

  7. State of the District – Kip Harkness is back

  8. West San Carlos Village Plan

  9. Public Safety Mark/James

  10. Tagging in the areap

  11. Blight

  12. Date and location for public crime prevention meeting?

  13. Increased police presence in the neighborhood?

  14. Good News (10 min)

  15. At 8:00 pm we turn it off and talk about the good things in the neighborhood or our lives.

  16. Open Space Mark

  17. Park at Chiechi

  18. Elections

  19. How is the changeover going for our new officers?

  20. Block Party Posting on Nextdoor

  21. Do we want to support Heather Brooks on South Buena Vista?

  22. Subjects for next meeting

  23. Adjourn (8:30 pm)


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