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BVNA Passes Vote to Oppose Measure B and Endorse Measure C

If you live in San Jose, you may have heard of the “Evergreen Senior Homes Initiative.” Now called Measure B, this billionaire developer-sponsored initiative purports to be about creating affordable housing for seniors and veterans. What it actually does is approve (without CEQA review) a gated community of over 900 homes on open space, adjacent to the hillsides of East San Jose. Measure B would also rewrite the General Plan from top to bottom, creating a “Senior Housing Overlay” that could be applied.  

Measure C will will nullify a majority of Measure Bs negative effects in the event that it does pass. 

BVNA has long stood behind intelligent redevelopment of the area ensuring that all aspects of projects are taken into effect and is concerned with both the immediate and ongoing future ramifications of the measure. To that end during the April 2018 meeting BVNA passed a motion the oppose Measure B and support Measure c. 


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