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CAL FIRE Launches New Ready for Wildfire App

Being Ready for Wildfire has never been easier with CAL FIRE’s new Ready for Wi ldfire app.. This new tool puts a whole library of step - by - step checklists in the palm of the user’s hand.. It allows homeowners to track their progress while creating Defensible Space,, hardening their homes with fire - resistant construction,, assembling an em ergency supply kit and creating a family communication and evacuation plan.. App users,, with the tap of a finger,, can check off each step and see their progress as they reach 100%% Ready!!

While being a great educational tool,, the Ready for Wildfire app also provides critical wildfire alerts.. Users can sign - up for customized alerts that will send a text or push notification to their device when a CAL FIRE is

responding or assisting to a wildfire in their area.. Additionally,, users can set up alerts for single counties,, multiple counties,, or statewide.. If a user travels or enjoys recreating in forested areas,, CAL FIRE has that covered,, too!! The app lets users enable an alert system to notify them if a wildfire is reported within 30 miles of their device..

“OOne of the many benefits of our new Ready for Wildfire app is the timely and accurate information it provides to residents about a wildfire in their area,,”” said Chief Ken Pimlott,, CAL FIRE director and California’s state forester.. “II am excited about this new valuable tool that will provide early alerts to the public to help ensure their safety..””

Now through May 21,, 2017,, users can enter the Ready for Wildfire Sweepstakes for a chance to win up to $110,000 when they download or update the app!! The grand prize w inner will be able to purchase home hardening materials to prepare their home against wildfire and flying embers that can travel up to a mile ahead of a wildfire.. This sweepstakes promotion is sponsored and funded by iHeartMedia in partnership with the Rea dy for Wildfire campaign.. No state funds were used for prizes..

To download the app,, visit the App Store or the Google Play Store – search for CAL FIRE and install.. You are now on your way to becoming Ready for Wildfire..

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