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COVID-19 Update

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Santa Clara County has made huge steps forward in our fight against COVID-19. The data shows that as result of all of everyone’s hard work to social distance and stay home, we are able to ease more restrictions. Please remember that this does not mean the pandemic is over. It means that we have successfully slowed the spread of the virus. Updates to the Shelter-in-Place Order that allow for more businesses and activities came into effect Friday, June 5. With these changes we must continue to wear face coverings, wash our hands frequently, avoid touching our nose, eyes and mouth, and keep a minimum of six feet between ourselves and people we do not live with. Take a look at what’s opening up!

• Businesses

• Education and childcare

• All childcare, summer camps, and summer school

• Outdoor: ceremonies, religious gatherings, and recreation

For a summary of changes, visit:

For a comprehensive list of everything that’s allowed under the order, including businesses and activities that were previously allowed, visit


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