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Earth Day: After Action Report

On Saturday the 22nd, Earth Day, a platoon of volunteers defending on the Buena Vista Neighborhood to combat the trash and blight.

Fueled by coffee, generously donated by Starbucks, they manned dumpsters, collected furniture, mattresses, car parts, and a sundry of other trash left on our streets, and donned stylish blaze yellow hi-viz vests before taking to the neighborhood to pick up fast food wrappers, cigarette butts, and other discarded waste. Some volunteers armed themselves with spray paint and took on the task of covering graffiti and refreshing surfaces through-out the park and the surrounding area!

After a few hours of hard work, volunteers started returning to the park to rest and eat and after crunching the numbers we filled eight 30-yard dumpsters, and filled approximately 30 of the giant city of San Jose trash bags! That is a stupendous amount of garbage that we were able to collect!

The BVNA is tremendously thankful to all of the volunteers who were able to come out and help with this event, and all of the various city personal and departments who both directly and indirectly helped make this event the success it has been.


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