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Flood Warnings in San Jose

The City has stood up a team to deal with any potential flooding due to the rain storms that are expected this week. We believe the areas that have the potential to be most affected are Guadalupe River along Willow Street and Ross Creek in the Cherry Area (affecting D6, D9 and bordering D3 and D10).

Heavy rain is expected to start at 10pm tonight and go through 2am/3am Wednesday morning. Here are updates thus far:

  • - Our homeless outreach teams have already begun notifications of homeless in these areas, which will continue through today.

  • - There are plans to open an evacuation center if needed at Camden Community Center this time.

  • - Neighborhood notifications and an SCC Alert will be sent out. These will begin sometime today and go through the night.

  • - Public Works Field Inspection Team will be monitoring various hot spots.

  • - Sandbags will be prepared and information will go out to the communities regarding availability and location.


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