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FREE GIVEAWAY: Face coverings, hand sanitizer, COVID-19 tests, flu shots, and more!

FREE GIVEAWAY: Face coverings, hand sanitizer, COVID-19 tests, flu shots, and more! Come to the Children’s Discovery Museum this Saturday, October 10 and get a FREE COVID-19 test and a FREE flu shot at the same time.

We are also giving away the following items for FREE, while supplies last:

• Face coverings

• Pocket-sized hand sanitizer

• Antibacterial wipes

• Condoms

These will all be available on:

Saturday, October 10 10 am – 3 pm

At the Children’s Discovery Museum

180 Woz Way

San Jose, CA 95110

  • Tests are at NO cost.

  • No appointment is needed--walk in and receive a test.

  • No health insurance or doctor’s note is required and it does not impact your immigration status.

If your test is positive, you will be contacted by phone within 72 hours. If your test is negative, you will be contacted within 3-4 days by email.

If you did not provide an email at registration, your results with be mailed to you and will arrive within 7-10 days. You will receive an email or postal letter as soon as your result is available. If you test positive, you will also receive a phone call. We will mail results to all patients.



People who experience any of the COVID-19 symptoms should get tested, and anyone, whether or not they have symptoms, who has been exposed to someone who was confirmed to have COVID-19 should get tested right away. The Public Health Department is also recommending testing for people who work with the public often to get tested once a month.


While many researchers across the country have been working on antibody testing to determine whether someone has contracted COVID-19, we are not near the point of being able to interpret what these tests mean. Currently, antibody tests are most useful for research purposes rather than for information for individual patients. We have more information about antibody testing on our website:


We monitor testing to ensure enough tests are completed to slow the spread of COVID-19. With adequate testing, the Public Health Department can help isolate those who test positive and use contact tracing to notify anyone who may have been exposed. Testing results also inform our Health Officer so that we can make decisions about next steps, and understand how the virus is moving in our community.

Check our website for all testing site information:


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