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Free Prescription Drugs From The Better Health Pharmacy

Did you know that the County of Santa Clara makes free medications available to adults with a valid prescription? Call Better Health Pharmacy at (408) 794-0564 or visit for more info.

They receive unused, unopened, and unexpired medications from licensed healthcare facilities, and dispense the drugs at no cost to patients.

Don't have health insurance? Can't afford your prescription drugs? Please call the pharmacy during business hours to see if they have what you need. Their inventory changes often, so please call first for an inventory check.

The County Public Health Department has distributed more than 31,000 free prescriptions through this program, saving County residents more than $2 million! Better Health Pharmacy is an innovative way that the County of Santa Clara supports health equity for people who may be uninsured or underinsured. It is the first and only dedicated drug donation and redistribution pharmacy in California.

The pharmacy is staffed by friendly and helpful Public Health Department pharmacists, technicians, and community volunteers. We have many types of drugs available at no cost to you, including drugs for Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and the brain; heart drugs for high cholesterol and blood pressure; and drugs for stomach problems and many other conditions. We DO NOT have narcotic drugs for pain, also known as controlled drugs or opioids. No proof of citizenship, residency, or income is required.


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