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GALPU After Action Report

First and foremost, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined hands to support our neighborhood during our annual cleanup event.

While it was disheartening not to see as many familiar faces as we hoped for, the turnout of new community members was truly inspiring. I want to express our gratitude to the district office for their invaluable assistance in organizing this event, as well as to the City of San Jose and the Mayor's Office for their unwavering support.

A special mention goes out to Michael Mulcahy, who rallied a small army of volunteers. Together, we tackled the task of removing about a dozen bags of garbage, along with furniture and other debris that had accumulated in our neighborhood.

Some of us dedicated our efforts to beautifying the park by restocking the library, painting park equipment, and meticulously clearing away cigarette butts and broken glass. Michael led a commendable effort to combat graffiti tagging in the area, and I'm proud to say we made significant progress, exhausting nearly 20 cans of spray paint by day's end.

Looking ahead, the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association (BVNA) remains committed to fostering a sense of community and unity among neighbors. We eagerly anticipate seeing both familiar and new faces at our future events.

Mark your calendars for July, as we're thrilled to announce the return of Art in Buena Vista Park. This delightful event promises a chance for us all to explore our artistic talents, regardless of skill level. Trust us, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results, whether you consider yourself a novice or a master.

Additionally, we have exciting plans in the pipeline, including movie nights and a host of other engaging activities. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements, and let's continue to make our neighborhood a vibrant and welcoming place for all.


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