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Have Your Voice Heard in Valley Water’s Redistricting Process

Dear Neighbor,

Valley Water recently kicked off the process to adjust its electoral boundaries and invites you to participate. This process occurs every ten years after the decennial census. The process, commonly called redistricting, is done to ensure a fair representation of each district and determine if population shifts require an adjustment to electoral district boundaries. Ultimately, this process affects how effectively your community is represented on Valley Water’s Board of Directors.

2021 Redistricting Advisory Committee

The Valley Water Board has appointed a seven-member Redistricting Advisory Committee (RAC) to represent the communities--including yours--in each of the seven electoral districts, in the redistricting process. The RAC will hold public meetings, collect community input, conduct mapping sessions, and utilize your input to recommend any changes in district boundaries to the Valley Water Board of Directors.

Here are the ways you can get involved:

  1. Provide your input on any proposed changes in your neighborhood/community during the community outreach meetings. You can address the RAC directly at any of the upcoming community meetings that will be held from late September 2021 to early November 2021. You can find the schedule of RAC meetings at

  2. Provide written comments and questions to the Committee. Engage with the RAC through our two-way “Be Heard” page dedicated to redistricting at You can also submit comments and/or questions to Ms. Glenna Brambill, the RAC’s Clerk Liaison at

  3. Submit your input by utilizing our electronic map tool. Valley Water’s interactive mapping tool will allow you to create your own map that adheres to federal and state guidelines. The August meeting of the RAC will provide information on how to submit and create your own map. After the session, the information will be posted at

For more information on Valley Water’s redistricting process, including the schedule of Redistricting Advisory Committee meetings, please visit the redistricting website at


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