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July 2008 BVNA Meeting Minutes

BUENA VISTA NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION Minutes of the Meeting Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM

PRESENT: [17 people signed in] Brian Ward (President) Loui Tucker (Secretary) Joe Carpenter

Jean Dresden Sally Henning Gina Hernandez Brent Jensen Lisa Jensen (with Hudson) Michael Larocca

Robin Rogers


Steve Rogers Jerry W hite Michael W hite Ruth White Sabine Zappe

Lan Tran (representing City Councilmember Pierreluigi Oliverio’s office) Jim Weston (representing County Supervisor Ken Yeager’s office)

1. Fire Station Consolidation Issue Jean Dresden made a presentation about the fire station situation in the area. Bond issue voted to

have two new fire stations; however, the City ran out of money. Fire Station #36 MUST be built because it was specifically named in the bond issue. The problem is building the second fire station. The City wants to shift the money around by closing a fire station (#16) and then build a new fire station on parkland at Lincoln Glen. That will leave Station #4 with more area to cover as a result, so this will NOT improve fire coverage. Lots of new construction going on in the area, which will increase pressure on existing fire stations. There is no plan to deal with increased density. The goal should be to improve areas with below- standard coverage without lowering the services in other areas!

She requested the BVNA send a letter to the City Council asking them to (1) not put the Fire Station Consolidation issue on the November ballot; (2) complete the analysis of the mitigation strategies; (3) research the impact of closing a fire station on the nearby areas; (4) and conduct outreach to constituents in the nearby areas. She provided a sample letter. It was moved, seconded and passed that the BVNA send a similar letter to the San Jose City Council. Brian Ward will prepare the letter.

2. National Night Out Celebration Michael Larocca presented a flyer in Spanish and English advertising National Night Out on

August 5, 2008 at Luther Burbank School beginning at 6:30 PM. They expect 600 people (over 400 last year). There will be a free community barbecue, popcorn, informational presentations from service, neighborhood and government organizations. At 8:30 there will be a showing of Shrek on the outdoor movie screen in the parking lot across from the school. Firefighters will be doing the grilling. San Jose Police Department will be present (informational booth with dogs and bomb squad). Conservation Corp will be recycling.

Mike asked for volunteers to help with setting up and serving. Robin Rogers, Steve Rogers, Sally Henning, Loui Tucker and Sabine Zappe all said they would help. Loui said she would email the BVNA yahoo list with information about the National Night Out event.

3. Burbank-Del Monte NAC Update Michael Larocca also made a presentation regarding the Neighborhood Action Committee. The

NAC is re-doing the strategic plan. They have hired a consultant and need volunteers to do the information gathering. This will involve 20 hours over the five months and includes orientation and training. They are looking specifically at density issues, and the results of will be presented to the City Council.

The volunteers will be gathering information about what residents want. Training is Wednesday, August 27 beginning with orientation at 6:00 PM at the Sherman Oaks Community Center. This is not door-to-door canvassing but people will be approached at gathering such as the Neighborhood Night Out. Robin Rogers said she was interested.

4. Misc. information on status of neighborhood projects Construction on the new community center has not started because there was a bid protest. The

protest will be addressed at City Council meeting on Tuesday, August 5. The approval of the purchase of land for the Buena Vista Park extension is also on the agenda for the same day.

There are some “90 foot structures” going up on Leigh Avenue south of Moorpark. San Jose City College has put up 90 foot poles that will eventually hold netting to prevent balls from coming off the athletic fields and into traffic on Leigh Avenue. No mention was ever made of these poles during the planning of the project and there is now nothing anyone in the community can do about it.

30 trees are going to be planted along Moorpark between Leland and the 280 on-ramp. MINUTES - Approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT - No report. Treasurer was not present.


Lan Tran, from Councilmember Oliverio’s office and Jim Weston representing Supervisor Yeager’s office being present, members offered their input and observations regarding activities and circumstances in the Neighborhood. Note: Hong Kao will be the new liaison from Ken Yeager’s office to the BVNA

  1. City and County are both dealing with a list of locations of illegal signage. Some of the signs reported have already been removed. Lan Tran said the City is working up language to deal with illegal signage and a fee schedule for violators. Email Loui Tucker if you see illegal signage and she will forward to City and/or County contacts with addresses and possibly photos.

  2. It has now been many months that members have reported dumping of furniture (mattresses, couches, beds, etc.) on Chiechi. It is all still there!

  3. There is an amazing amount of bird droppings under the Highway 17 overpass over Moorpark on the south side. Can this be addressed by City maintenance crews?

  4. The County Hospital has done a nice job of landscaping around the new buildings on Moorpark and Bascom. However, there is a “no man’s land” at the corner of Bascom and Moorpark by the bus stop that is not being touched. It is dead grass, weeds, and dirt. Perhaps before the photographers are called out to take pictures of the new hospital buildings someone should add that to the list of things for the landscaping crews to do.

  5. On Willard near Scott there is a tree that is lifting and buckling the sidewalk and pavement. It has been reported, but neither the City nor the County want to take any action.

  6. 425 South Willard has become “Party Central” 2-3 times per week. Bottles are being dumped on the neighboring properties. Recently two Sheriffs units, a fire engine and an ambulance responded to the address. Zell Property Management owns the buildings. Perhaps the neighbors need to look into filing small claims actions (multiple) to get the attention of the owners/managers.

  7. B&B Motors on West San Carlos at Lincoln appears to be using Willard and Douglas and Page as overflow parking for their cars. Instead of having a lot for extra cars they are parking them on public street within the 72-hour limit. It was suggested that the City call B&B Motors to discuss this problem with them. An alternative suggestion was to contact the West San Carlos Business Association to ask them to intervene.

  8. The house at the end of Menker (310 Menker) is being fixed up. Neighbors as well as Code Enforcement have been pleased with the results.

  9. Apartments at Scott and Willard are in foreclosure, being sold by the bank. The entire building appears to be vacant and there is an RV in the driveway.

  10. Can the City put a stop sign or some crossing assistance at Race and San Fernando by St. Leo’s school? The crosswalk painted there is faded and cars speed through the area between The Alameda and Park Avenue.


1. The Boom Cars. There was additional discussion of the boom car issue. Grace was not present. Comments

included: "I don’t think the BVNA should become a policing agency."

"I think the neighborhood should see us as the Good Guys, not the Bad Guys, that we promote good behavior and report bad behavior like graffiti to the authorities."

"The BVNA is not equipped to handle this issue. It should be left to the police or sheriff."

"If Grace wants a special session, can’t she just hold one at the park or at a Starbuck’s or at her house? She doesn’t need our permission, does she?"

A motion was made to approve the flyer presented by Grace at the last meeting. The motion failed. Loui Tucker was delegated to write Grace about the decision.

There was some discussion about getting the City to put up “Quiet Zone” signs around the area.

2. The ION Project As announced via email earlier in the month, the Hennings have chosen Saturday, September 27

as the day the BVNA volunteers will work on their property to trim back the bird-of-paradise plant and repair the fence.

3. Buena Vista Park Expansion The approval of the purchase of land for the Buena Vista Park extension is on the City Council’s

agenda Tuesday, August 5.

4. Fiesta Lanes Development Brian Ward reviewed recent problems at the Fiesta Lanes Development, including the power

washing of the old abandoned homes across the street, which released lead-based paint into the surrounding ground, water and air. Brian Ward and members of the Fiesta Lanes Action Group are meeting with Joseph Hordell (City Planning Director) to discuss on-going problems with ROM/CORE.

As a note: the ROM/CORE trucks are not allowed on local streets. Please contact the City Planning Department if you see any such trucks in your neighborhood.

5. McVay’s Vacant Lot on W illard Brian contacted Mr. McVay about his empty lot. He claimed the City was holding up his

development. He said he has again submitted plans. He must start building by June 2009 or he will lose his license to build on the property.


Lan Tran presented two flyers advertising movie nights sponsored by Councilmember Oliverio: (1)_Bee Movie will be shown on Friday, August 22 at 6:30 PM at the San Jose Rose Garden; and (2) Cars will be shown at the Safety Fair and Outdoor Movie event on Friday, August 29 at 6:30 PM at Bramhall/Willow Street Park. The event is free, but nachos, popcorn and beverages will be available for purchase.

NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be Tuesday, August 26 at the home of Robin Rogers at 540 Page Street.

Adjourned at 8:45 PM

DID ANYONE READ THIS FAR? If you did – email me at and I’ll buy your favorite beverage at Starbucks or Peet’s (your choice). I’ll even deliver it, Brian!


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