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Midtown Specific Plan

The Midtown Specific Plan provides a vision for an area of San Jose that is undergoing considerable transition and change. The purpose of the plan is to guide the evolution of this 210-acre industrial and commercial Service area in a way that will encourage coordinated development, responsive to citywide and regional objectives as well as local and neighborhood considerations. The goal is to create a new mixed-use community that includes high-density commercial and residential uses oriented to transit, while maintaining some industrial and service commercial uses.

The intent of the Specific Plan is to encourage investment and new development within Midtown through a clearly established public commitment to the intensification of the area, and through a clear pattern of land uses that provides investors with a level of certainty regarding the future form and character of development. It is not the intent of the plan to force existing businesses out of the area; rather, the plan provides policies and guidelines that encourage new development to complement and enhance existing uses, allowing for these uses to remain as long as they wish and as long as market conditions dictate. The plan recognizes that the full buildout of the Midtown Specific Plan will take many years to realize, and to avoid piecemeal decisions and foreclosed opportunities, such a vision must be set forth now.

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