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November 2008 BVNA Meeting Minutes

BUENA VISTA NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION Minutes of the Meeting Tuesday, November 25, 2008 At the Home of Loui Tucker and Sabine Zappe at 153 Race Street

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM PRESENT: [12 people present]

Brian Ward (President) Robert Solis (Vice President) Loui Tucker (Secretary) Sabine Zappe (Treasurer) Sally Henning Ken Henning Dave Kissner

Linda Solis Jerry W hite Michael W hite Ruth White

Hong Cao (representing County Supervisor Ken Yeager’s office)

MINUTES - Approved as presented. TREASURER’S REPORT Sabine Zappe reported as follows:

Bank Balance: Outstanding invoices: Available Balances:

$643.12 00.00 (None)


Approximately $400 of this is grant money that must be used for specific budget items. The remaining $243.12 can be used at BVNA discretion.

STATUS OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD - Hong Cao (liaison from Ken Yeager’s office to the BVNA) representing Supervisor Yeager’s office being present, members offered their input and observations regarding activities and circumstances in the Neighborhood.

  1. This is the last meeting Hong Cao will be attending on an official capacity because the City has annexed all of the County pockets and her presence is no longer required. She will attend periodically just to see if any incidental County-related issues need to be addressed.

  2. There is graffiti on Scott Street on the brown fence just east of the corner of Scott and Mayellen. Loui will send an email to our contact on the Graffiti Abatement Task Force.

  3. Willard at West San Carlos is in need of re-paving. Someone cracked a pipe, which required tearing up the street to fix, and the street needs to be repaved.

  4. Brian had nothing new to report on 1480 Douglas, McVay's property on Willard, or the Page Street property.

  5. At 315 Willard, the bulldozers are working in the back of the lot only. The house in the front of the property has been fixed up There are trucks in the back. The original permit is no longer applicable, so it is unclear what will be going on in the future.

  6. Sheriff/Police raided 418 Willard, found drugs, 8 people where living there and one of them is gone.

  7. 315 Mayellen is now empty. All tenants are gone and the landlord is cleaning it up. Landlord has

been told he cannot rent the unit in the back.

  1. There is a diesel truck and trailer that is being moved around the neighborhood. Sally has called it in

because it is now on Menker.

  1. The home next to Patricia Johnson's prior home on Menker (when are we going to think it of it as the

Damron's home?) is being renovated, at least the structure in the front. Since the back unit was

probably put up illegally a long time ago, they probably cannot renovate it, would have to tear it down.

  1. There is reportedly a 2-year moratorium on new projects. No zoning changes are being allows, which

limits development.

  1. There is a tree on Willard that is pushing up the concrete. Brian said there is an on-going dispute

about who is responsible. The City says the homeowner must first fix the tree, then it will repair the


  1. The apartment building at the corner of Scott and Willard has been fixed up nicely. The BVNA will

write the owners a letter to thank them.

Minutes of BVNA General Meeting Tuesday, November 25, 2008 Page 2


11. The Whites reported that they now have 17 windows installed, thanks to church members and neighbors. It took them two Saturdays, but the windows are in!

6. Parks. Robert Solis reported on the Cahill Park. $1 million is needed to fix it. The NAC wants bathrooms included near the VTA station, but there is resistance by the neighbors.

There was some discussion about doing a Buena Vista Park clean-up in the spring, similar to one done a few years ago.

2. Home Tour 2009. An email will be sent out to the BVNA yahoo group list asking interested parties to contact Sally Henning and she will set up a meeting. It was mentioned that we should contact participants from the past two years to see if they would be interested in helping on the Home Tour Committee.

14. Sally Henning is also interested in caroling in the neighborhood. An email will be sent to the BVNA yahoo group announcing this and suggesting people who are interested in joining Sally contact her.

9. It was also mentioned that it would be nice of BVNA representatives visited the people who recently became members (at 336 Mayellen and 414 Richmond) to talk to them about being active, attending meetings, see if they have any questions, etc.

5. Loui decided to try a random numbering system to see if anyone notices.


There will be no BVNA meeting in December. The next BVNA meeting will be at the home of Robert and Linda Solis at 359 Mayellen on Tuesday, January 27. Mark your calendar and plan to attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:52 PM.


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