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Public Hearing Notice: Regarding the South Bascom North Urban Village Plan

GP17 - 0 12 . City - initiated General Plan Amendment associated with the adoption of the South Bascom (NNorth)) Urban Village Plan , including modifications to the boundary and changes to General Plan land use designations on properties within the boundaries of the Urban Village Plan as shown on the proposed U rban Village Land Use P lan . This Urban Village Plan will provide a policy framework to guide new job and housing growth within the Urban Village boundaries , as well as,, p rovide a framework for the characteristics of future development,, including urban desi gn,, open space,, public art//pplacemaking,, streetscape and circulation,, and implementation.. CEQA:: Determination of Consistency to the Envision San José 2040 General Plan EIR,, Resolution No.. 76041,, Supplemental EIR to Envision San José General Plan EIR,, Resol ution No.. 77617,, and Adden dum thereto .


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