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Registrar of Voters Office Providing a Variety of Language Workshops for Santa Clara County Voters

The Registrar of Voters will be hosting a variety of language workshop (Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, Khmer, Japanese, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarti, Tamil, Telugu, and Nepali) to assist all members of the community in familiarizing themselves with the upcoming election.

These language workshops will focus on reintroducing the handful of advantageous changes that were introduced for the March Primary for Santa Clara County voters as well as introducing the safety measures that will be in place due to COVID-19 for the November General Election.

  • A Reduction from 11 days to 4 days for voting in vote centers.

  • Health and safety practices implemented at our vote centers designed to keep poll workers and voters safe in accordance with both state a county Public Health standard

  • Steps voters can take to ensure they vote and return their ballots safely

  • Additional language coverage for education and outreach required under California Elections Code Section 14201

The workshops will also cover different ways for people to get involved in the election process. Each workshop will have the appropriate bilingual speakers available either for the entire presentation or to provide interpretation services.

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