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Reimplementation of Bay Area Covid Restrictions Announced

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Experiencing a ballooning of COVID-19 cases, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday announced that he was pulling an “emergency brake” to slow the spread of the virus, forcing the vast majority of California to return back to the state’s most restrictive tier in its reopening blueprint.

When the changes go into effect on Tuesday, 41 counties — where 94% of Californians live — will now be placed under the state’s purple tier restrictions — up from just 13 of the state’s 58 counties last week. The move from the state’s red tier down to the most-restrictive purple tier will completely shutter indoor dining, gyms, movie theaters and places of worship in those counties.


The State has moved Santa Clara County into the Purple Tier due to a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. For information on what is closed effective tomorrow Exercise caution and follow all face covering and social distancing rules to slow the spread.


El estado ha trasladado al condado de Santa Clara al nivel purpura debido a un rapido aumento de casos y hospitalizaciones por COVID-19. Para obtener informacion sobre lo que esta cerrado a partir de manana, Tenga cuidado y siga todas las reglas de cubrirse la cara y distanciamiento social para frenar la propagacion.


Tieu Bang da chuyen Hat Santa Clara vao Ngạch Tim vì so nhiem COVID-19 va so nhap vien tang nhanh. De biet them ve nhung gì se bị dong ke tu ngay mai hay vao Hay than trong va tuan theo moi quy tac ve mang khan che mat va giu khoang cach an toan de lam cham su lay lan.


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