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Report on the BVNA Streets Deep Cleaning

You may have noticed the barricades go up a week ago, warning area residents that today parking was restricted in much of the neighborhood. While an inconvenience for many, the neighborhood got a much needed deep cleaning from the DOT street sweepers today.

After working with the amazing staff at the District 6 Office, we were able to get temporary parking restrictions put in place to allow our streets the much needed cleaning they have long waited for.

Many neighbors don't realize that the City does try to sweep all of the streets once a month, but as a result of not having signage on many of the neighborhood streets, cars aren't removed making it impossible for the sweepers to do their job. The street sweeping not only removes garbage and cleans the gutters but also:

  • Removes fine metal particles that are left on roadways by vehicles. 

  • Reduces debris in local waterways.

  • Removes small collections of litter and debris that can build up in gutters. 

While the baracades may not return next month, the street sweepers will continue to come through every month to clean what they can.  You can do your part by helping ensure that your vehicles aren't on the street on sweeping days.  The street sweeping schedule is available online at:


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