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San Jose Downtown Association Adopts Five Strategic Initiatives For 2018-19

The San Jose Downtown Association represents business and property owners and works to improve downtown’s vitality and livability. The 30-member Board of Directors of the San Jose Downtown Association has provided focus on strategic initiatives that will best steer the organization toward achieving its mission and recently adopted 5 strategic initiatives for the 2018-9 year.

  1. To create a Downtown Vision with an implementation plan focused on strengthening districts and connectivity within downtown, including the west side around the arena and train station.

  2. To continue to support BART coming to Downtown San Jose and to advocate for least impactful construction process.

  3. To have people feel safe when they are downtown.

  4. To minimize the impact of homelessness downtown through advocacy and partnerships.

  5. To improve the perception of Downtown San Jose and create an authentic brand identity.

To learn more about how the SJDA plans on realizing these initiatives visit:


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