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San Jose: Gun insurance law not expected to go into effect until 2023 due to litigation

San Jose's city council this winter passed an ordinance requiring most of the California city's gun owners to carry liability insurance for accidental shootings -- a first in the nation.

It might seem to herald big change for those gun owners and in coverage. But the effects may be more limited than you'd first expect.

The new measure, which follows deadly mass shootings in and near the Silicon Valley city, aims to incentivize safer behavior, the mayor's office says, arguing insurers could offer lower premiums to gun owners who take safety measures, like using gun safes and installing trigger locks.

Yet many people already are covered; the coverage may be less than you'd anticipate; and the prospects of discounts may be slim or far off, insurance experts say.

Still, supporters say this is just one part of a needed wider approach to countering the human and monetary costs of gun violence.

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