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September 2008 BVNA Meeting Minutes

Minutes of BVNA General Meeting Tuesday, September 30, 2008 Page 3


1. The Meridian-W est San Carlos Project This project got the green light from the City. It now goes to the Permitting Stage before the

Planning Department, at which point architecture and details will be addressed. The plans will be on the website as soon as the developer revises their proposed 5-foot setback on Page to the 15-foot setback required by the City. The development now will have 223 residential units built over and around 22,500 square feet of retail space.

Currently there will be a left turn allowed on Meridian northbound across from the Safeway. Many residents feel this will become an traffic problem as southbound drivers wanting to turn left into the Safeway parking lot will have head-on collisions with northbound drivers wanting to turn left into the stores and residences on the west side of the street. We still have a chance to address this issue in the Planning Department Stage.

Although the developer wants these units to be purchased, they have the option of turning them into rentals in the future as was done with the Barry Swenson development at Tamien Station.

2. Spirit Night. The annual Halloween House will be at the home of Robert and Linda Solis at 359 Mayellen on Friday, October 31. Volunteers are needed to help take photos, hand out glow necklaces and candy, etc. It starts at 6:30 PM and goes about two hours. It is a great way to connect with the neighbors, do something positive, show that the BVNA takes the lead in creating positive events in the neighorhood.

  1. Annexation Annexation is still on track for November 2008!

  2. Newsletter Robert Solis provided the costs for doing a newsletter. There are 1600+ addresses, which means

mailing costs are approximately $550. Hand-delivery was discussed, and Robert explained why this is not cost-effective. An 8-page newsletter (2 long sheets folded in half) costs about $800 to print. A 4-page newsletter (1 long sheet folded in half) costs around $500. We need a minimum of $1000 to get out a newsletter and we have that much in our treasury. Loui and Robert will be developing content and try to get something out in the next three weeks, so that Spirit Night can be publicized in the newsletter.

5. ION Project (Improve Our Neighborhood) The Hennings expressed their thanks for the work down by the BVNA volunteers who helped

them with their yard and fence on Saturday, September 27. Volunteers at the meeting expressed their satisfaction and enjoyment with the opportunity. A lot got accomplished and it cost the Hennings the price of two large pizzas and some bottles of water.

Loui Tucker again offered to write ?Bravo!” letters to homeowners and landlords who are fixing up their properties. Loui said she send the letters if you send the address of the property and the address of the property owner (if it is different, as in the case of landlords).

A resident living at the corner of Mayellen and Scott requested some assistance with a landlord- tenant issue - old cars stored in garage, cats living in the old cars, possible dead animal under the house, mold in the house, fences in poor repair, etc. and an elderly landlord who is not cooperating with requests to make repairs. Loui offered to talk to her about possible help after the meeting, which was running very late at that point.


Sally Henning announced that there would be meeting on October 21 (location not known at this time) to discuss how to get ?Neighborhood of Distinction” designation for Buena Vista. Sally will provide more details when they become available.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 28 at the home of Robin Rogers at 540 Page Street. Adjourned at 8:50 PM


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