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Social Isolation & Stress

Physical distancing is h elping California combat #COVID19, but distancing can lead to isolation and stress. If a friend finds the courage to reach out to you, would you know how to be there for them? Check out Be There’s 5 Golden Rules to learn how to support someone struggling with their mental health. Learn to be there for them:

Below are some helpful tips with guidance from the California Surgeon General on how to support your own mental health:

Stay connected & check in – Stay in touch with friends, family, and neighbors. Reach out to those who might be isolated.

Keep active – 60 minutes of physical activity every day such as walks, runs, dancing, and yoga.

Nutrition – Ensure you are getting proper nutrition and keep regular mealtimes to help combat stress.

Volunteer – If you are healthy, support nonprofits, help food banks, or donate blood. Visit for more helpful ideas.

Mindfulness – Practice meditation for at least 15-20 minutes. You can utilize phone apps for guidance.

Seek help – If you need assistance, you can visit to view the Surgeon General’s stress playbooks and other resources or call 833-544-2374, a one-stop shop for assistance during COVID-19.


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