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Special Use Permit SP18-012

SP18-012APN: 27720035

SNI area: Burbank/Del Monte RDA Area:San Carlos

Zone: N/A Impervious Surface: Yes

Gross Acres: .390

Work Code: None

Tech: Maggie Suson-Nale

District: 6

FloodZone: No GP: Urban Village Historic Inventory: No Previous Files: PRE16-152, PRE16-035

Planned Community: No Near a Waterway(<300ft): No

Historic Dist: No

Manager: Ruth Cueto

Engineer: Joe Provenzano Owner: GOLDBERG STEVEN

Growth Area Type: Urban Village Location: southeast corner of W. San Carlos Street and Willard Avenue

Address: 1470 WEST SAN CARLOS ST

Description: Special Use Permit to allow demolition of existing buildings and construct a new 4-story hotel with automated stacking parking on .390 gross acre site


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