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The Art Box Project: Integrating Art Into San Jose neighborhoods.

All cities have utility and news boxes on sidewalks scattered around town and frequently they are painted different colors depending upon who owns them. They tend to serve as magnets for used gum, local tagers, sticker collections, and leaflets about garage sales and lost pets. The Art Box Project is a citywide initiative that was organized in 2011 by Tina Morrill a then graduate student at San Jose State. Inspired by boxes she had seen in Edmonton, Canada she singlehandedly orchestrated the program devising a plan that would not cost the taxpayer any money.

Inspired by photos taken by self proclaimed "Anti-Man-About-Town" and world traveler Gary Singh, Tina Morrill, an idealist who wants to believe anything is possible was speakign with him one day. Their conversation (paraphrased):

Gary: "This could never happen in San Jose."

Tina: "Wanna bet?"

Under the name of Art Box Project SJ the first box was painted in September, 2011 in front of the old Andy’s Pet Shop at The Alameda and Julian Street. It was a dog on a leash with owner (that box was later repainted).

The Buena Vista Neighborhood Association worked with the Art Box Project to give the storage locker in Buena Vista Park a facelift, if you haven't seen it, take a trip over to the park. For more information, or to participate, please send a message to: The Art Box Project works in collaboration with Phantom Galleries. Artists who are interested in participating in the project should email


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