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Urgent Alert: PG&E Service Interruptions

PG&E plans to proactively turn off power for safety and conduct a Public Safety Power Shutoff later tonight, just after midnight (10/9). As a precautionary measure to reduce wildfire risk during the forecasted severe wind event, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will implement a Public Safety Power Shutoff (#PSPS) in portions of northern, central and coastal counties.

The power will be turned off to communities in stages, depending on local timing of the severe wind conditions, beginning with counties in the northern part of the state.

To support customers in the potentially affected counties, PG&E will open Community Resource Centers in several locations beginning on Wednesday, October 9th at 8:00 a.m. and remain open during daylight hours only. Restrooms, bottled water, electronic-device charging and air-conditioned seating for up to 100 will be available at these facilities.

Find the locations, get updates and resources here:

Get the latest information on a PSPS event and to see if your location may be impacted: PG&E’s Safety Action Center is a great information resource for making sure that you, your family, your neighborhood and even your pets are prepared before a wildfire or another emergency:

Make sure we have your correct email address, landline and mobile number so we can reach out to you in advance of a PSPS, when and where possible. Sign in to update your contact information for wildfire season:

Want to get notifications, but you’re not listed on the account?

No other counties will be affected at this time. Updates and prep resources here:


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