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VTA’s Proposed Final 2019 New Transit Service Plan

VTA is developing a new transit service plan that will be implemented when BART service to Santa Clara County begins in fall 2019. In 2017, VTA adopted the Next Network Plan, which was a from-scratch redesign of the transit network that aimed to increase ridership and improve VTA’s cost-effectiveness by expanding the network of frequent routes.

A change in VTA’s financial outlook prompted revisions to the Next Network Plan in early 2019. VTA released a revised plan, called the 2019 New Transit Service Plan for public comment in January and February of 2019. In March, VTA staff considered over 1,500 public comments while developing the Final 2019 New Transit Service Plan. The Final 2019 New Transit Service Plan makes seven changes from the Draft Plan including expanding service in Almaden, retaining late night Route 22 service and restructuring the Express Bus service model.

The Final 2019 New Transit Service Plan will be reviewed by VTA’s Advisory and Standing Committees in April 2019 and VTA’s Board of Directors on May 2, 2019.

For a comprehensive list of proposed changes, visit:

Route 23

Route 23 would be rerouted to remain on Stevens Creek between between Winchester and Bascom instead of deviating onto Forest to serve the Valley Fair Transit Center. A new route, Route 59, would operate on Forest and may be an option for current riders on Forest. Weekday frequency would be decreased from 12 minutes to 15 minutes.

  • Current De Anza College - Alum Rock Transit Center

  • Proposed De Anza College - Alum Rock Transit Center

Route 65

Route 65 is proposed to be discontinued due to low ridership and because parallel transit routes would provide alternate options for transit riders along the Leigh corridor. Some current riders may use Route 61, which would operate at 15-minute frequency, or Route 63, which would operate at 30-minute frequency.

Rapid 523

Rapid 523 is a new route that would replace the Limited 323 route and a portion of Route 54. Rapid 523 would connect the Lockheed Martin Transit Center with De Anza College, Valley Fair/Santana Row, Downtown San Jose and the Berryessa BART Station.

Proposed Lockheed Martin Transit Center - Berryessa BART Station


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