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Were Still Not Out of the Drought

Despite a number of very wet days last winter, and the return of water to our local reservoirs, we are still in a drought. During the hot summer months, the effects of the sun become magnified and its tempting to wash the car or turn on the irrigation system to perk up the daffodils. As of June 15, 2015 the following rules went into effect regarding the use of municipal water:

  • Customers must fix leaks, broken irrigation systems, or broken plumbing fixtures within 72 hours if notified to do so by San Jose Water Company.

  • Watering days: Do not water outdoors more often than two (2) days per week. Even numbered addresses water on Tuesday and Friday and odd numbered addresses as well as properties with no address water on Monday and Thursday.

  • No watering between 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM and irrigation cannot exceed fifteen (15) minutes per zone per day with exceptions made for zones exclusively using drip irrigation, low precipitation sprinkler heads that apply water at or less than 1.0 inches per hour, hose with a positive shutoff device, or hand held bucket or similar container.

  • No irrigation can occur regardless of method that results in runoff.

  • No use of drinking water for washing driveways, sidewalks, and other hard surfaced, non-porous areas.

  • No irrigation use for 48 hours after measurable rainfall (1/4 inch).

  • No washing of cars, buses, boats, aircraft, trailers or other vehicles, except at a commercial car washing facility that utilizes a re-circulating water system to capture and reuse water.

  • No use of potable water for construction purposes, including washing streets, backfill, and dust control unless no other source of water or other method can be used.

  • Operators of hotels and motels are to provide guests with the option of choosing not to have towels and linens laundered daily and promptly display notice of this option.

  • No use of water for decorative fountains or the filling or topping off of decorative lakes or ponds. Exceptions are made for use of recycled water, or to sustain aquatic life, provided that such animals are of significant value and have been actively managed within the water feature prior to declaration of a supply shortage.

  • No use of water for the complete filling or complete refilling of swimming pools.*

  • No service of water by any restaurant except upon the request of the patron.


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