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A Push for a Park on Chiechi

Blight has been a problem plaguing the Buena Vista Neighborhood for some time, one of major sources of this blight comes from the illegal dumping of furniture, mattress, and other garbage on the streets. Buena Vista has a number of hot-spots, and one the biggest is the fragmented parcel along the bend in Chiechi Ave. This city owned land is unused and largely ignored by the neighborhood and its out-of-the-way location makes it easy for people to drop stuff off and drive away.

The eastern side of the neighborhood, especial the area immediately adjoining this parcel fragment are dense with a lot parents and young children and while we have Buena Vista Park, the busy high density streets (Meridian, West San Carlos, S Bascom, and Parkmoor) create boundaries that isolate the neighborhood and its residents from safely and easily accessing other parks.

If we transform this parcel fragment into something useful for the community we can accomplish a number of things:

  • Provide the community with much needed resources

  • Provide safe areas for children to play

  • Turn a portion of our neighborhood that is currently being abused into something that we as a community can be proud of

We will begin working with the City of San Jose to look at what steps need to be taken to move forward with this idea and see what great things we can create!


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