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Front Setback Paving Ordinance

Enacted back on July 1, 1999, the ordinance limits the amount of paving in the front setback of all lots with a single-family dwelling unit and all lots in any R-1 Residence District in the City of San Jose.

The Front Setback Paving Ordinance was enacted in re- sponse to community concerns about the damaging effect on neighborhood character of paving and parking in single- family front yards. Front yards paved as private parking lots are generally considered to be inconsistent with good neighborhood quality. Parking in front setback areas has increased noticeably in recent years and many neighbor- hoods have expressed an interest in having limits placed on the extent of such paving and parking.

Off-street parking on single-family lots is currently limited to paved areas in the front yard and corner side yard as a result of the Lawn Parking Ordinance enacted by the City Council December 1995.

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