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Google Advisory Group Moves Forward In San Jose Despite Intense Pushback

After more than three hours of impassioned pleas from dozens of local residents and community groups who wanted to be included, the San Jose City Council unanimously approved the creation of a controversial advisory group that will offer input on the possible Google development near Diridon Station.

The group will offer community feedback to the city manager’s office as the administration works with Google to develop a proposal to present to the City Council. It was originally slated to consist of 35 members, including Adobe Systems, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Google itself. But after intense criticism that the group was missing the voices of religious groups and people of color, council members voted to add several groups, including People Acting in Community Together and the Minority Business Association.

The group is expected to meet every three weeks for at least four months. No other company contemplating building in the city has gone through such a process, said Deputy City Manager Kim Walesh.

The meetings will be public.

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