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Home Safety Survey

No house is absolutely burglar‐proof if professional burglars are set on getting in. They would be the first to admit that you can discourage burglars if you tighten up your home security. You can begin this process by identifying weak areas and fixing them.

The checklist below will assist you in systematically surveying your home and your practices. Every “No” check mark shows a weak point. As you eliminate the “No” check marks, you improve your protection. Any security measure you decide upon must ensure ease of escape from a room, home or yard in case of a fire or other emergency. All things, including your personal lifestyle should be weighed in your decision‐making process.

Remember that this survey will only identify some of your weak areas. You have not improved your home security until these areas are corrected. Complying with these suggestions will not guarantee that your home will never be burglarized, but it will certainly make it more difficult for burglars and improve your protection. Some of the measures are listed under the most logical heading (Windows, Doors, Exterior, etc.) though it may apply to more than one area. Please read entire survey for best results.

It is important take a critical look at your home security every three to four months.

Do not become lax ‐ crime prevention is a continuous process.

This residential security survey has been prepared to give recommendations for making your residence safe and secure. Although none of these recommendations are guaranteed to stop crime, they are an important step in reducing the potential to you, and your home from becoming victims of crime.


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