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Judge Rules Willow Glen Trestle Isn’t Historical Enough To Preserve

The Willow Glen Trestle’s chances of hitting the century mark were significantly reduced earlier this month when a Santa Clara County judge ruled it isn’t historical enough to preserve.

In a 32-page ruling, Superior Court Judge Helen E. Williams sided with San Jose city leaders who have tried for several years to raze the bridge.

Williams’ Oct. 5 ruling said San Jose’s determination that “the trestle is not a historical resource is supported by substantial evidence, slim as it may be and even though there is also substantial evidence on the other side.”

For more than four years the city and a group called Friends of the Willow Glen Trestle have waged a legal battle over the fate of the 95-year-old bridge.

The city’s plan to complete the Los Gatos Creek Trail connection calls for replacing the trestle with a new $1 million custom-built steel bridge currently sitting in storage. The Friends group has been arguing that the trestle’s ties to San Jose’s agricultural history warrant the approximately $2 million needed to restore it.

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